API Explorer

Discover and share the features and functionality of your APIs.

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API Explorer offers an overview of all API functions.

API functions

API Funktionalität auf einen Blick

Discover your API functionalities through the API Explorer.
  • Wide range of applications
  • Clear listing of all API functionalities
  • Potential and applications of APIs are immediately recognized


Accelerates the integration of your APIs

Present your APIs to business customers and external developers as products.
  • Insight into your APIs in the shortest possible time
  • Access through self-service functions
  • Expanded applications and revenue streams

Interactive Documentation

Clear presentation of core data

The interactive documentation allows developers to use the API in a very short time.
  • Technical example data deepen understanding
  • API behavior can be determined directly by developers
  • Try Out allows a direct testing of the API
  • Fast assessment of the API and its integration

Business objects

Extensive details of the objects used

Powerful APIs are characterized by the mapping of business objects.
  • Business objects define the domain-oriented data structures
  • Description and management of all business objects used
  • List of specified parameters and technical example values

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