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Code generation is an important success factor for the smooth deployment of your APIs.

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Time saving through simple code generation

Time saving

Code generation reduces the effort required to integrate your APIs.

  • Generate the source code at the push of a button and in just a few seconds
  • Implementation of the API within the shortest time possible
  • Resource savings, since a development team does not have to generate code over several days

Easy to use

You can generate the API client in just a few steps.

  • Select the desired programming language.
  • The entire API client is made available to you at the simple click of a mouse.
  • fast and easy configuration of the API client

Consistency of your API

The consistency of the API is guaranteed by the automatic implementation.

  • reduces maintenance and further development costs
  • saves development resources
  • Code generation based on existing best practices

Quality assurance

You deliver outstanding quality to your customers through code generation.

  • ensures customer satisfaction at the same time
  • generates stable and robust source code
  • avoids programming errors and provides sufficient test coverage

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