API Catalog

The API catalog centrally manages all the APIs of your organization.

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The API catalog creates transparency and saves valuable time.


The API catalog shows you the entire inventory of all APIs

Take advantage of the benefits of using API Catalog.
  • Central visibility of all APIs, their functions and business objects
  • Self Service: Developers always independently determine their APIs and API functions
  • Protection against development of redundant APIs or API functions.

User permissions

You set the permissions and visibility of APIs.

You always have control over who can access your APIs.
  • Set permissions for groups and users
  • Role-based assignment of authorizations
  • Visibility control, in private, internal and public APIs
  • Transparent representation of the effective permissions of users or groups

Search and filter functions

APIs are valuable assets. The API Developer Portal ensures the recoverability of your APIs.

Developers determine the right API in the shortest possible time, by using the API Portal search functions.
  • Full-text search of all API content
  • Filtering allows you to quickly find the right APIs
  • Advanced search for API functions and business types

API metadata

The API catalog provides relevant information about your APIs at a glance.

In addition to the API definition, the API can be supplemented by further meta information.
  • Set the time of the end of service
  • Tags allow the categorization of your APIs
  • Users define the API favorites
  • API type and SLA are visible at a glance

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