Business Workflows

Through legally compliant processes, you reduce costs and facilitate long-term cooperation.

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Integrate the API Portal into existing system and extend existing processes easily.

Bring your own system

Bring your own existing issue tracker, helpdesk systems or other compatible systems and connect the portal to them.

  • Compatible systems can be connected quickly and easily.
  • Jira Service Desk, Salesforce, freshdesk, zendesk support
  • Your system has not been mentioned? Please contact us. We continuously expand the range of compatible systems.

Individual business processes

Cost reduction through integration into existing business processes:

  • Integration of ITIL processes through interfaces and Smart Connectors.
  • Flexible adaptation of existing processes as well as own process flows
  • Efficient workflows by integrated processes

More efficient workflows

The networking of business processes leads to more efficient workflows.

  • Perfectly matched components
  • Optimal communication between the systems
  • Reduced complexity

Access for API consumers

Users of the API Developer Portal can request access to the API through a process.

Cost reduction through pragmatic functions:
  • Onboarding workflow for new partners and customers
  • Access requests to your APIs
  • Self-service functions
  • Fast notification of all API consumers

Are you ready?

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