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The API Catalog saves you valuable time in managing your APIs

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What you get?

API fast access

Keep all your APIs in view

By using the API Catalog you benefit from a centralized visibility of your APIs. The functions of domain-oriented business objects can be accessed directly.

Self-service enables your customers to independently determine the APIs and specifications they need. Protection against redundant development is ensured by centralized management of the APIs within the organization.

With the role-based assignment of permissions for users and groups you control the access to the APIs. Also create private, internal and public zones for your APIs.

API Explorer


Access to all APIs

Self Service

Effective cost optimization


Private & public API zones


Role based permissions

API Assets

Discover your API functionality

Use the catalog to manage your APIs and ensure fast discovery. The extensive search function provides you with the right API, methods or business types in no time.

In the API settings you can define further relevant parameters. Assign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the API. Define the important API Lifecycle parameter End Of Service. Assign tags to further classify your APIs. Add APIs to your favorites.

The useful functions ensure sustainable API management for your organization.

API Explorer


Managed API Lifecycle


Service Level Agreement

API Management

Simple API administration

Search function

Search for APIs & Assets

API Developer Portal

Turn your ideas into reality, prototype, collaborate and turn them into incredible products with the digital API asset management platform.


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