Central API Catalog

API Catalog

The API Catalog is the central point where all APIs of your organization are managed and found. It provides internal and external users the ability to make APIs and services of a company accessible. By offering a better overview of the available APIs, it facilitates future growth.

  • Central Visibility

  • Increased Productivity

  • Effective Collaboration

  • Self-Service Function

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API Catalog Quick Reference

API Quick Reference

The API Catalog provides a quick reference of the API. With this information, it is clear which APIs are available and their current status. This includes useful information on the API specification, version, and planned end of life of an API.

API Catalog Search Function

API Search Function

The search function helps you find the right API for your use case. Through the self-service function, the API can be explored independently. This prevents the redundant development of existing functionalities. The saved time can be used to improve existing product offerings or to build new services.

API Upload Function

API Upload

New APIs are uploaded by responsible employees and published in the API Catalog. Information from the API specification is used to reduce manual user inputs. Upgrades and new versions of an API are provided through the same procedure. API consumers always have access to the new features of the APIs.

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