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API functions

An overview of all functions

The interactive documentation provides detailed information about the various application possibilities of your API. Clear presentation of the core data and technical example data deepen the understanding.

API Try Out allows a direct testing of the API without additional tools. Developers succeed in accelerating the integration of the APIs in a fraction of the time.

Benefit from extended market reach and additional sources of income. Offer your APIs to partners, customers and external developers as API products.

API Explorer

Try Out

API try out without additional tools


Quick & easy connection


Increased market reach


Interactive documentation

Business Objects

Easy representation of complex business objects

Powerful APIs are characterised by the detailed mapping of business objects. The clear visualisation of the specialist structures and example data simplify the understanding of even complex objects.

Defined business objects can be used very easily by the departments of the organisation itself thanks to the business description.

Data types, attributes, description and further details are visible at a glance. The business value sustainably increases the effectiveness of the entire organisation.

API Explorer

Business objects

Representation of attributes

Business Value

Increasing effectiveness

Sample data

Exchange with departments


Extensive information

API Developer Portal

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