The high level of networking of mobile apps, cloud applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) used in business, industry and the private sector places high demands on services and software systems. Complex and powerful API interfaces from the API Economy are now used to implement business requirements.

The central key of the offered services are the versatile functions and information that can be used by the open interfaces. Many of the daily used applications are based on different interconnected services. If one of the interfaces involved fails, the service offered no longer works!

To ensure that the functionality, reliability, performance and security of the APIs are met, API testing is a must. For API tests, the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are tested directly and within the framework of integration tests. The tests are performed at message level. The incoming data as well as the expected results of the interfaces are tested.

The regular and automated execution of the tests during the API lifecycle ensures that the APIs are error-free and stable. Quality assurance is an important component in the provision of highly available APIs.